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SLEEPER marine inverter generators use variable speed technology which can adjust engine speed automatically according to electrical load. Traditional generators usually run at a fixed speed of 1500/3000rpm which resultsin engine inefficiency. By adjusting the speed of the engine automatically according to electrical load, Sleeper generators become more energy-saving, environmentally friendly,efficient, and super silent compared to our competitors, meanwhile, extending the maintenance time and engine life.

Thanks to our unique innovative energy-saving inverter technology, Sleeper variable speed marine generators are extremely compact, small, light, quiet, efficient, and energy-saving. A water-cooled diesel engine and alternator in a specially designed sound shield make the generators extremely silent and low vibration level.

Our inverter marine generator’s outstanding voltage stability and pure sines wave are ideal for sensitive electronics such as computers, air conditioning systems, or battery charging systems. Advanced inverter technology also enables our generators to be connected in parallel to achieve higher power output to meet customer needs while saving a lot of costs. A sleeper marine generator is your better option for both recreational and commercial boats and yachts.

Product Features    

●  Worldwide well-recognized Yanmar or Kubota water-cooled engines ensure product reliability

●  Water-cooled permanent magnet alternator

●  Extremely Silent - Patented structural design and special materials sound-proof shield effectively reduce the noise and vibration

●  Small size and light weight is more suitable for marine compact installation

●  Environmentally friendly - Inverter technology saves fuel by about 30% 

●  Outstanding voltage stability and pure sines wave are ideal for sensitive electronics

●  Easy operation with local and remote 2 digital display control panel

●  Highly intelligent multi-function protection

●  Parallel technology enables more power and cost saving

●  Dual circuit cooling system
●  Convenient maintenance - one-sided maintenance services
  • HC-MG5i Super Silent 3.5 kw Marine Diesel Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • HC-MG6i Energy-saving 5kW Marine Generators for Boats
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG5i Super Silent 3.5 kw Marine Diesel Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG6i Energy-saving 5kW Marine Generators for Boats
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG8i Fuel-efficient 6kW Marine Generator for small boats
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG10i Compact 8kW Small Marine Diesel Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG12i 10kW Marine Lightweight Diesel Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG15i 12kW Marine Inverter Diesel Permanent Magnet Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG20i 15kW Quietest Marine Diesel Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG25i Super Silent 20kW Marine Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG30i 25kW Water Cooled Marine Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG35i 28kW Intelligent Diesel Generator for Boat
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
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About Sleeper Generator

Sleeper Generator is China Marine Diesel Inverter Generators Manufacturers and OEM Marine Diesel Generators factory.Since 2000 and headquartered in Zhejiang China, Sleeper Generator is a manufacturer of generators used in mobile specialty vehicles, marine, military and off-grid applications. Sleeper Generator has made generators which stand out for quiet sound levels, super compact size, light weight, high efficiency and innovative and elegant design. Our proprietary Inverter technology enables us to build the smaller, lighter and quieter generators in the world that are ideal for installation on vehicles or boats. Our mission is to offer our customers the better, more sustainable and more efficient generator power systems. If noise level, size and weight are your challenges, then your better choice is a Sleeper generator.

  • 2000

    Formerly Founded in

  • 15,000

    Plant Area (m²)

  • 30-40

    Technical Team

  • 10,000

    Monthly Production Capacity

Pay Attention to

Industry knowledge development
Marine Inverter Diesel Generators: Reliability and Innovation
In the realm of marine power generation, the significance of a dependable and efficient generator cannot be overstated. A cornerstone of this technology lies in the incorporation of world-renowned Yanmar or Kubota water-cooled engines, which have garnered global recognition for their unwavering reliability. These engines serve as the stalwart heart of marine inverter diesel generators, providing the foundation for an array of cutting-edge features that set these generators apart in the industry.
One such innovation is the water-cooled permanent magnet alternator. This ingenious engineering solution not only enhances the efficiency and durability of the generator but also contributes to the overall reduction of noise and vibration. The result is an exceptionally quiet operation, a characteristic that is not only prized for the comfort of those on board but also for the preservation of marine ecosystems, where excessive noise can disrupt aquatic life.
Pioneering Silence: Innovative Noise Reduction Technologies of Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
The pursuit of silence is further exemplified by the patented structural design and the use of special sound-proof materials in the generator's shield. This dual approach to noise reduction underscores a commitment to an undisturbed environment both within the vessel and its surrounding marine habitat.
Compactness and lightweight design represent two critical attributes of marine inverter diesel generators. These qualities make these generators exceptionally well-suited for installation in the confined spaces typical of marine environments. With a premium placed on optimizing available space, these generators offer a solution that blends seamlessly with the vessel's layout while delivering dependable power.
In a world where environmental consciousness is paramount, the integration of inverter technology becomes a game-changer. This technology not only contributes to reducing the generator's carbon footprint but also leads to significant fuel savings—up to 30%—compared to conventional marine generators. This innovation speaks to the industry's commitment to sustainability and efficient resource utilization.
Green Powerhouse: Fuel Efficiency and Parallel Technology
When it comes to the quality of power generated, marine inverter diesel generators stand at the forefront. With outstanding voltage stability and the production of pure sine waves, these generators offer power that is tailor-made for the delicate requirements of sensitive electronics. In a digital age where electronic devices are ubiquitous on vessels, this feature ensures that every piece of technology operates at its optimal performance level, free from the risk of damage due to voltage fluctuations.
Green Powerhouse: Fuel Efficiency and Parallel Technology
Ease of use is another hallmark of marine inverter diesel generators. The presence of a local and remote digital display control panel ensures effortless operation, putting control at the fingertips of users whether they are in close proximity or at a distance. This user-centric approach is a nod to the diverse needs of marine operators and underscores the versatility of these generators.
Safety and protection are paramount in marine applications, and these generators are equipped with highly intelligent multi-function protection mechanisms. These mechanisms not only safeguard the generator itself but also ensure the safety of the vessel and its occupants. This holistic approach to protection reflects the comprehensive engineering that goes into every aspect of marine inverter diesel generators.
Parallel technology further elevates the capabilities of these generators. By allowing multiple units to work in tandem, parallel technology not only increases power output but also presents an opportunity for cost savings. This scalability underscores the adaptability of these generators to the dynamic demands of marine operations.
A dual circuit cooling system further exemplifies the technological prowess of marine inverter diesel generators. This system not only ensures optimal operating temperatures but also adds an additional layer of redundancy to safeguard against overheating—a critical consideration in marine environments where uninterrupted performance is essential.
In the realm of maintenance, convenience reigns supreme. The promise of one-sided maintenance services underscores the user-friendly approach of these generators. Simplifying maintenance tasks ensures that vessel operators can focus more on their core activities and less on upkeep, contributing to uninterrupted voyages and operations.

10 Good Reasons to
Buy Sleeper Generators

  • Small

    Little space requirements and up to 30% smaller than our competitors.

  • Light 

    You can save up to 50 % in weight.

  • Quiet 

    Maximum comfort by water-cooling. The quieter generator available on the market today.

  • Inverter Technology

    Adjust the generator speed automatically according to the load and save about 30% fuel consumption.

  • Green

    Sleeper generators are environmental-friendly and meet the higher emission standards.

  • Customer Service

    We provide qualified training and commissioning and offer 24/7 hotline service and support around the clock.

  • Customized Solutions

    We offer custom built generators according to your requirements. 

  • High Quality

    Reliable energy supply,excellent voltage stability and pure sine wave. 

  • Reliability

    Over 20 years of quality and experience. 

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is our motivation.