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The marine generator is a generator fixed in boats or yachts and provides backup power to satisfy various electricity demands such as lighting, air conditioning, and other electric appliances.

We specialized in developing and producing silent marine generators ranging from 3kw to 50kw and customization is also available. Our unique inverter technology enables us to make the smaller, lighter, more compact, quieter, and more efficient generators in the world. Driven by worldwide renowned diesel engines such as Yanmar or Kubota, Sleeper marine generators perform extremely stably and reliably. The small and compact design of the generators makes them only need minimal space onboard for installation. A water-cooled diesel engine and alternator in a specially designed sound shield make the generators extremely silent and have low vibration levels.

Our aim is to provide the more reliable and quiet marine power generators for both recreational and commercial vessels and yachts. A sleeper marine generator is your better option for electrical systems on yachts and boats.

  • HC-MG5i Super Silent 3.5 kw Marine Diesel Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • HC-MG6i Energy-saving 5kW Marine Generators for Boats
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG5i Super Silent 3.5 kw Marine Diesel Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG6i Energy-saving 5kW Marine Generators for Boats
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG8i Fuel-efficient 6kW Marine Generator for small boats
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG10i Compact 8kW Small Marine Diesel Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG12i 10kW Marine Lightweight Diesel Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG15i 12kW Marine Inverter Diesel Permanent Magnet Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG20i 15kW Quietest Marine Diesel Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG25i Super Silent 20kW Marine Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG30i 25kW Water Cooled Marine Generator
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-MG35i 28kW Intelligent Diesel Generator for Boat
    Marine Inverter Diesel Generators
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About Sleeper Generator

Sleeper Generator is China Marine Generators Manufacturers and OEM Marine Generators factory.Since 2000 and headquartered in Zhejiang China, Sleeper Generator is a manufacturer of generators used in mobile specialty vehicles, marine, military and off-grid applications. Sleeper Generator has made generators which stand out for quiet sound levels, super compact size, light weight, high efficiency and innovative and elegant design. Our proprietary Inverter technology enables us to build the smaller, lighter and quieter generators in the world that are ideal for installation on vehicles or boats. Our mission is to offer our customers the better, more sustainable and more efficient generator power systems. If noise level, size and weight are your challenges, then your better choice is a Sleeper generator.

  • 2000

    Formerly Founded in

  • 15,000

    Plant Area (m²)

  • 30-40

    Technical Team

  • 10,000

    Monthly Production Capacity

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Industry knowledge development
Marine Generator Excellence: Empowering Seafaring Adventures with Silent Power Solutions
In the expansive realm of maritime exploration and leisure, the role of marine generators has taken center stage, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for a plethora of electricity needs. Whether illuminating cabins with warm light, keeping the cool breeze of air conditioning flowing, or energizing a host of essential electric appliances, marine generators stand as steadfast companions to the maritime experience. At the forefront of this industry, our company specializes in crafting silent marine generators that not only epitomize innovation and efficiency but also redefine the standards of performance and comfort at sea.
Unveiling the Silent Powerhouses,uses of Marine Generator
Marine generators, a cornerstone of nautical ingenuity, find their purpose onboard boats and yachts, transforming vessels into self-sufficient power hubs. Ensuring seamless electricity supply for diverse applications, including lighting, climate control, entertainment systems, and more, marine generators are indispensable for both recreational and commercial maritime ventures. Our specialization lies in the development and production of cutting-edge silent marine generators, ranging from 3kW to 50kW, with the added advantage of customizable solutions that cater to the unique needs of each vessel.
Pioneering Inverter Technology
The heart of our silent marine generators beats with innovation. Leveraging our proprietary inverter technology, we have managed to craft generators that are not only compact and lightweight but also remarkably efficient and quiet. This technology has enabled us to usher in a new era of marine generators that are among the smallest, quietest, and most efficient in the world. By harnessing the prowess of globally renowned diesel engines such as Yanmar and Kubota, our Sleeper marine generators guarantee steadfast and reliable performance, no matter the maritime conditions.
Unmatched Stability and Compact Design of Marine Generator
The essence of maritime travel lies in the freedom of exploration. Our marine generators embrace this philosophy by virtue of their compact design, demanding only minimal space for installation. Unlike their conventional counterparts, our generators have been meticulously engineered to occupy minimal onboard real estate without compromising on power output or performance. This ingenious design ensures that vessels can optimize their space while still reaping the benefits of a robust and dependable power source.
A Symphony of Silence and Efficiency
Venturing into the open waters, tranquility is often a cherished companion. Recognizing the importance of serenity at sea, our marine generators have been masterfully designed to operate in silence. The integration of a water-cooled diesel engine and an alternator encased within a specially engineered sound shield culminates in generators that are exceptionally quiet, minimizing noise pollution and fostering an atmosphere of calm for passengers and crew alike. Furthermore, the reduction in vibration levels ensures an even more peaceful maritime journey.
Catalyzing Maritime Adventures
Our mission extends beyond the creation of marine generators; it encompasses enhancing the entire maritime experience. Whether for recreational boating or commercial maritime operations, our marine generators stand as reliable and efficient power companions that elevate the standard of living and operations at sea. With meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication, we strive to deliver marine generators that align with the unique demands of seafaring, amplifying the joy of navigation while maintaining the highest standards of performance.
Choosing Excellence for Your Maritime Power Needs
When it comes to marine generators, the choice is clear: Sleeper marine generators represent the pinnacle of innovation, efficiency, and reliability. With a commitment to pushing boundaries and rewriting norms, we cater to a diverse range of maritime enthusiasts, ensuring that every journey, be it for leisure or commerce, is powered by excellence. As the maritime industry charts new courses and embarks on new horizons, Sleeper marine generators stand as beacons of innovation, offering silent power solutions that transform seafaring adventures into unforgettable odysseys.

10 Good Reasons to
Buy Sleeper Generators

  • Small

    Little space requirements and up to 30% smaller than our competitors.

  • Light 

    You can save up to 50 % in weight.

  • Quiet 

    Maximum comfort by water-cooling. The quieter generator available on the market today.

  • Inverter Technology

    Adjust the generator speed automatically according to the load and save about 30% fuel consumption.

  • Green

    Sleeper generators are environmental-friendly and meet the higher emission standards.

  • Customer Service

    We provide qualified training and commissioning and offer 24/7 hotline service and support around the clock.

  • Customized Solutions

    We offer custom built generators according to your requirements. 

  • High Quality

    Reliable energy supply,excellent voltage stability and pure sine wave. 

  • Reliability

    Over 20 years of quality and experience. 

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is our motivation.