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Vehicle generators are gasoline or diesel generators specially designed for mobile applications like onboard RVs or commercial vehicles that require a constant power supply. They play an important role in providing backup power to satisfy various electricity demands such as lighting, air conditioning and other electric appliances and equipment on mobile vehicles.

We specialized in developing and producing silent vehicle generators ranging from 3kw to 50kw and customization is also available. Our unique inverter technology enables us to make the smaller, lighter, more compact, quieter and more efficient generators in the world. Driven by worldwide renowned diesel engines such as Yanmar or Kubota and gasoline engines like Yamaha, Sleeper vehicle generators perform extremely stably and reliably. The small and compact design of the generators makes them only need minimal space for installation. Water-cooled diesel engine, alternator, and silencer all in a specially designed sound shield make the generators extremely silent and have low vibration level.

Our aim is to provide the more reliable and quiet mobile vehicle generators for both recreational and commercial vehicles. Sleeper vehicle generators are your better option for onboard power of specialty vehicles. 

  • H-GV5
    Vehicle Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-GV6
    Vehicle Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-GV8
    Vehicle Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-GV10
    Vehicle Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-GV12
    Vehicle Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-GV15
    Vehicle Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-GV20
    Vehicle Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-GV25
    Vehicle Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-GV30
    Vehicle Inverter Diesel Generators
  • H-GV35
    Vehicle Inverter Diesel Generators
  • HSD8000iS-LPG Gasoline Emergency Inverter Generators for rv
    Vehicle Inverter Gasoline Generators
  • HSD5500iS-LPG Commercial Super Quiet Gasoline Powered Portable Generators
    Vehicle Inverter Gasoline Generators
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About Sleeper Generator

Sleeper Generator is China Vehicle Generators Manufacturers and OEM on board generators factory.Since 2000 and headquartered in Zhejiang China, Sleeper Generator is a manufacturer of generators used in mobile specialty vehicles, marine, military and off-grid applications. Sleeper Generator has made generators which stand out for quiet sound levels, super compact size, light weight, high efficiency and innovative and elegant design. Our proprietary Inverter technology enables us to build the smaller, lighter and quieter generators in the world that are ideal for installation on vehicles or boats. Our mission is to offer our customers the better, more sustainable and more efficient generator power systems. If noise level, size and weight are your challenges, then your better choice is a Sleeper generator.

  • 2000

    Formerly Founded in

  • 15,000

    Plant Area (m²)

  • 30-40

    Technical Team

  • 10,000

    Monthly Production Capacity

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Industry knowledge development
Empowering Mobility: Silent Vehicle Generators Redefining Onboard Power Solutions
In the dynamic world of mobile applications, where vehicles become a haven for comfort, productivity, and adventure, the role of vehicle generators takes center stage. Specifically tailored for the needs of onboard RVs and commercial vehicles, these generators serve as the lifeline of continuous power supply. Fueling everything from ambient lighting to air conditioning and an array of electric appliances, vehicle generators seamlessly fuse comfort with functionality, enhancing the mobile experience. At the forefront of this transformative industry stands our company, specializing in crafting silent vehicle generators that epitomize innovation, efficiency, and performance while offering unparalleled customization.
Unveiling the Power Behind Mobility:Vehicle generators
Vehicle generators are the unsung heroes of modern mobility. Designed to cater to the unique demands of mobile living and commerce, these generators provide a constant power supply to ensure onboard comfort and operational efficiency. Whether illuminating the interior with warm radiance or fueling the electricity needs of intricate appliances and equipment, vehicle generators stand as dependable powerhouses that amplify the quality of life and work on the move.
Precision and Innovation Combined:At the heart of our mission lies the development and production of cutting-edge silent vehicle generators, carefully crafted to address the intricacies of mobile power. Ranging from 3kW to 50kW, our generators are not just products; they are embodiments of meticulous engineering and innovation. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to customization. We understand that each mobile application is unique, which is why our generators can be tailored to match specific requirements, ensuring an optimal power solution for every vehicle.
Quiet Power, Redefined Vehicle generators
Silence is a coveted luxury, especially in the context of mobile living. Our silent vehicle generators are a testament to this philosophy. Leveraging our proprietary inverter technology, we have managed to create generators that are compact, lightweight, and exceptionally efficient. This innovation also translates into a profound reduction in noise emissions, making our generators among the quietest in the world. Now, onboard comfort doesn't come at the cost of disruptive noise, allowing passengers and occupants to enjoy a serene and peaceful environment.
Stability Meets Reliability:The foundation of our silent vehicle generators lies in their unyielding stability and reliability. Powered by globally acclaimed diesel engines such as Yanmar and Kubota, as well as trusted gasoline engines like Yamaha, our generators ensure consistent and dependable performance, even in the most challenging of mobile environments. The small and compact design of our generators optimizes space utilization, requiring minimal installation area while delivering maximum power output.
Innovation in Every Decibel:Silence doesn't merely mean minimal noise; it signifies the absence of vibration as well. Understanding the importance of both, our generators are meticulously designed to operate with minimal vibration levels. The integration of a water-cooled diesel engine, alternator, and silencer within a specially engineered sound shield creates an environment where silence and efficiency coexist harmoniously.
Our vision is to redefine onboard power for both recreational and commercial vehicles. We believe that whether on a leisurely cross-country journey or conducting business on wheels, mobile applications should never compromise on power reliability and acoustic comfort. Sleeper vehicle generators encapsulate this ethos, offering a synergy of innovation, customization, and performance that transforms specialty vehicles into true havens of power and tranquility.

10 Good Reasons to
Buy Sleeper Generators

  • Small

    Little space requirements and up to 30% smaller than our competitors.

  • Light 

    You can save up to 50 % in weight.

  • Quiet 

    Maximum comfort by water-cooling. The quieter generator available on the market today.

  • Inverter Technology

    Adjust the generator speed automatically according to the load and save about 30% fuel consumption.

  • Green

    Sleeper generators are environmental-friendly and meet the higher emission standards.

  • Customer Service

    We provide qualified training and commissioning and offer 24/7 hotline service and support around the clock.

  • Customized Solutions

    We offer custom built generators according to your requirements. 

  • High Quality

    Reliable energy supply,excellent voltage stability and pure sine wave. 

  • Reliability

    Over 20 years of quality and experience. 

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is our motivation.