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Compared to traditional heavy 1500/1800rpm generators, the 3000/3600rpm fixed high-speed sleeper vehicle generators are designed small compact size, lightweight and silent. No doubt they are the better choice for limited-space installation on mobile vehicles. We use worldwide renowned water-cooled diesel engines such as Yanmar or Kubota and Sleeper high-quality alternators to ensure consistent and stable performance of the generators. This series of generators range in power from 3kva to 30kva and can meet a variety of different vehicle application power needs such as air conditioning systems and cooking equipment. With its advantages of small size, lightweight, and highly efficient output power, Sleeper 3000 RPM Marine generator has become the choice for live, leisure, and semi-commercial vehicles.

Product Features    

Worldwide well-recognized Yanmar or Kubota water-cooled engines ensure product reliability

High-quality standard brushless alternator

Small compact size and light weight is more suitable for vehicle compact installation

Super quiet and covered with a specially designed sound-proof shield

Robust AVR voltage regulator

Easy operation with local and remote 2 digital display control panel

Highly intelligent multi-function protection

Sine waves are ideal for sensitive electronics

Automatic start

Dual circuit cooling system cooling efficiency

Convenient maintenance - one-sided maintenance services

Parallel function optional

Water-cooled exhaust muffler, less noise

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About Sleeper Generator

Sleeper Generator is China Vehicle 3000/3600RPM Diesel Generators Manufacturers and OEM Vehicle 3000/3600RPM Diesel Generators factory.Since 2000 and headquartered in Zhejiang China, Sleeper Generator is a manufacturer of generators used in mobile specialty vehicles, marine, military and off-grid applications. Sleeper Generator has made generators which stand out for quiet sound levels, super compact size, light weight, high efficiency and innovative and elegant design. Our proprietary Inverter technology enables us to build the smaller, lighter and quieter generators in the world that are ideal for installation on vehicles or boats. Our mission is to offer our customers the better, more sustainable and more efficient generator power systems. If noise level, size and weight are your challenges, then your better choice is a Sleeper generator.

  • 2000

    Formerly Founded in

  • 15,000

    Plant Area (m²)

  • 30-40

    Technical Team

  • 10,000

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Industry knowledge development
Advancements in Vehicle Generators: Introducing the 3000/3600 RPM Diesel Generators
In the realm of mobile power generation, traditional heavy generators have long been the go-to solution. However, with the ever-evolving demands of compact and efficient power sources for vehicles, a new player has emerged – the 3000/3600 RPM fixed high-speed sleeper vehicle generator. This innovative range of generators presents a paradigm shift in the industry, focusing on small, lightweight, and silent designs that cater to limited-space installations. This article delves into the features and advantages of these cutting-edge generators, highlighting their superiority over their predecessors.
Compact Design and Efficient Performance: A New Era of Power Generation
One of the most striking features of the 3000/3600 RPM vehicle generators is their small, compact size and lightweight nature. This departure from the traditional heavy generators opens up unprecedented possibilities for installations in mobile vehicles, where space is often at a premium. The generators' design is a testament to the manufacturers' commitment to addressing the challenges posed by modern vehicle configurations. By optimizing the form factor and shedding unnecessary weight, these generators seamlessly integrate into vehicles, enabling a new level of convenience and flexibility.
Unrivaled Performance Through Engine Excellence and Quality Alternators
At the heart of these high-speed sleeper vehicle generators lies the choice of power sources. The engines used, such as those from renowned brands like Yanmar or Kubota, are water-cooled diesel engines that guarantee exceptional reliability and performance. The decision to integrate these engines underscores the manufacturers' commitment to ensuring consistent and stable power output even in demanding environments. Coupled with high-quality brushless alternators, these generators deliver power that is both efficient and reliable, making them a preferred choice for applications ranging from air conditioning systems to cooking equipment in diverse vehicles.
The integration of a specially designed sound-proof shield sets the 3000/3600 RPM generators apart in terms of noise reduction. Noise pollution is a significant concern, especially in mobile vehicle applications. These generators address this concern head-on by offering a super quiet operation that minimizes disturbances both for the occupants of the vehicle and the surrounding environment. This advancement in noise control is a testament to the manufacturers' understanding of the evolving needs of mobile power solutions. The generators not only deliver power but also prioritize user comfort, making them an ideal choice for live, leisure, and semi-commercial vehicles.
Toward a Greener and Smarter Future: Parallel Functionality and Efficiency
The user experience offered by the 3000/3600 RPM generators is characterized by its user-friendly operation and advanced protection mechanisms. The generators come equipped with a local and remote dual digital display control panel, simplifying the operation and monitoring of the units. In addition, the generators boast highly intelligent multi-function protection systems, ensuring that they can adapt to various conditions while safeguarding the equipment and users. With the inclusion of automatic start functionality, these generators seamlessly integrate into vehicle systems, providing power on demand without manual intervention.
In the pursuit of an environmentally conscious and efficient power generation solution, the 3000/3600 RPM generators offer a dual circuit cooling system that enhances cooling efficiency. This feature not only contributes to the longevity of the generators but also reduces energy waste, aligning with the broader sustainability goals. Furthermore, the optional parallel function introduces a new level of adaptability by allowing multiple generators to work in tandem, boosting power output when needed. This innovation empowers users with the ability to scale their power generation based on requirements, ultimately contributing to energy efficiency and optimized performance.

10 Good Reasons to
Buy Sleeper Generators

  • Small

    Little space requirements and up to 30% smaller than our competitors.

  • Light 

    You can save up to 50 % in weight.

  • Quiet 

    Maximum comfort by water-cooling. The quieter generator available on the market today.

  • Inverter Technology

    Adjust the generator speed automatically according to the load and save about 30% fuel consumption.

  • Green

    Sleeper generators are environmental-friendly and meet the higher emission standards.

  • Customer Service

    We provide qualified training and commissioning and offer 24/7 hotline service and support around the clock.

  • Customized Solutions

    We offer custom built generators according to your requirements. 

  • High Quality

    Reliable energy supply,excellent voltage stability and pure sine wave. 

  • Reliability

    Over 20 years of quality and experience. 

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is our motivation.